About Us

Technology with Analytics & Research Knowledge keeping it User-centric by using Logical Information i.e. Tarkuli is one of the leading system integration services company specialized in OSS, Data Centre Management, Network Solutions, Web based solutions, Mobile based solutions.We have development centers in Bangalore, Chennai and upcoming centre in Delhi/NCR with a man force of 30 skilled professionals.Managed by professionals with expertise in IT, Telecom and Quality Management, Tarkuli specializes in high end IT and business service offerings for all scale enterprises.

        • Operation Support Systems (OSS)
        • Network Performance Management
        • InfoVista Consulting & Services
        • Application Development
        • Network Adaptor Development
        • Data Center Management & Services
        • Network Setup and Management Services
        • Remote Service Management
        • Develop and maintain your enterprise applications
        • Managed Services
        • Professional Services
        • Provide contracted IT talent

What do we offer ?

Tarkuli product range comprises of:

  • Spectrum View
  • Bixie CRM
  • Network Adaptors for Alcatel Lucent, Huwai, Nokia, Ericcson etc.

Tarkuli specializes in:

  • Data Centre Setup and Management
  • Setting up Network and Systems etc for a small to large scale enterprise

Tarkuli expertises in enterprise products like:

  • Infovista, NetXMS, MRTG, PRTG, SolarWind
  • Our service for these enterprise product range includes Deployment, Development, Customization, System Integration, Managed Services, Upgrades & Migration

Why Tarkuli?

“We create value for customers and build customer relationships.”

“At Tarkuli, we understand the clear distinction between needs, wants and demands of our customers, thereby developing strategies and solutions accordingly. With a focused attention to our client’s requirements, while we offer our Product/Service and Price, we also consider the Customer Solution and Customer Cost corresponding to it which allows to have a rich balance and empowers customer to avail more services cost effectively.”

“We build strategies based on results of our SWOT analysis thus reducing risks and closely achieving objectives.”

“Our collaboration with you will indeed make a distinctive difference to your business and together we will strive to strengthen your business value.”