BIXIE – GIS (Geographical Information System) Mapping Software

Bixie – A GIS (Geographic Information Systems)  is the fastest Geographical Information mapping technology available today. Bixie GIS mapping software is the easiest way to create map or to display geographical data which you can access anywhere, anytime on any device. GIS uses space-time location as the key index variable for all other information. Just as a relational database containing text or numbers can relate many different tables using common key index variables, GIS can relate otherwise unrelated information by using location as the key index variable.

 What is GIS Mapping?

Geographic Information System or GIS is technology that offers a profoundly different way in which we create thee maps and use them to manage communities and industries. Tarkuli Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. provides you the best software which creates intellectual super maps through which cultured planning and analysis can be performed with a single button touch. GIS spatial examination is a rapidly changing field, and GIS packages are increasingly including analytical tools as standard built-in facilities, as optional toolsets, as add-ins or ‘analysts’. We provide you the original software developed by our dedicated developers and assure to offer you the best with the fine price.

GIS benefits organizations of all sizes and in almost every industry. There is a growing interest in and awareness of the economic and strategic value of GIS. This Mapping software allow you to create basic maps, plot data on top of them, and then share the maps with others via the Internet. Our Bixie – Geographical Information tools is relatively simple to learn and use, and provide a basic ability to display and share your data geographically. A geographic information system software or GIS, is a computerized data management system used to hoard, manage, recover, examine, and show longitudinal information.

BIXIE GIS Mapping Software

Key Features

BIXIE GIS is a bundled package of following Software:

1. Business Process Management Software
2. Property Tax Information System
3. Geographic Information System
The Main Features are:

  • Mapping Tools
  • Parcel Search
  • Query Builder
  • Zone/ BMPS/ Ward Search
  • Export search result to excel/PDF
  • Static legend
  • Display Satellite map (Raster Map) and Master plan (Vector Map)
  • Thematic on fixed attributes


A smooth GIS experience and outstanding performance make the GIS tool, arguably, the best application for Internet GIS. It allows an organization to move GIS from the isolation of a GIS professional’s workstation to all members of the organization. With access to Internet GIS, employees in call centers, mobile workers, management etc can access geographic data for making smarter, faster and more prolific, efficient decisions.

  • True linear scalability to support large number of users.
  • Easily addresses can be located on maps.
  • Access GIS applications through a web browser, and delivered as services.
  • Lower cost of ownership through centrally managed GIS applications.
  • Scalable platform, hence customer specific features could easily be developed and integrated.
  • Due to its Responsiveness, tool adjusts itself to any device size & structure, thus gives a user friendly display irrespective of any device, be that tab/laptop/desktop/mobile.