BIXIE Project Portfolio Management Software

Bixie Project Management Software is a collaboration tool for improving the information sharing processes within an Organization. The PPM software tool bridges the gap between the CXOs and the LOW level and gets everyone in sync by showing a transparent picture, and thus, letting everyone in the Organization know what is current priority. Bixie PPM software gives you to end to end project and portfolio Management visibility. Project Management software can be implemented as Web Enterprise Application.

This application keep all of your task and related document in a single places which makes organization operation much more transparent and efficient.

Bixie Project Portfolio Management Application is the one of the best portfolio management system, which not only keep your data translucent but also keep it secure. It provide a view of all workplace activities, helping both team members and management to better understand and organize their work, improving workflows and efficiency. We are dealing with the Professional online project management application with unified features for scheduling, collaboration, time tracking and reporting. Effectively priorise and manage your entire projects with the help of Bixie Project Portfolio Management PPM Application.

Bixie has helped many businesses to improve their strategic planning and productivity by offering powerful capabilities and ease to use Project Portfolio Management Software and also offers world wide professional Web Development services. PPM allows you to manage complete portfolio of projects for alignment with business objects. It’s also align business goals and IT Projects.

Bixie PPM Key Features

  • Execution board is one place to see everything(Progress,People,Updates)
  • Google Map real-time Progress report gives a transparent map-view of work progress
  • Best tool to monitor project related to Telecom, Construction, Railways, Mining
  • Mobile App lets site supervisors upload work images with GPS co-ordinates

Benefits of Bixie Project Portfolio Management

It gives you control: As your team record the time spent working on tasks, the system tells you automatically how they are progressing. You can see whether they have made sufficient progress and what their work efficiency is like. Knowing this about every member of your team, gives you total control over the project.

Saves your time and effort: You no longer have to create complex spreadsheets to track organization projects. PPM tells you whether you’re on track at a glance, saving your time and effort.

Report more accurately: Reporting is as simple as 1-2-3 with the fantastic report generator. Your project status report is just a click away! Email feature helps you to send report to other department of the organization, as the reports show up-to-the-minute,  it assist you to track project more accurately hence boosting the value of the reports you produce. Isn’t it amazing!!!!