Marketing and Leads Management

  1. Marketing campaigns and monitor performance of lead generation activities.
  2. Create, run and monitor multi-stage marketing campaigns.
  3. Log and monitor campaign activities and updates on Leads and Opportunities.
  4. Track lead sources and capture metrics to determine successful leads that are converted into opportunities and in the succeeding leads generation process (Generation, Validation, Qualification, Closing.)
  5. Create unlimited Lead Types.
  6. Distribute Leads Exclusively or Multiple Times
  7. Create/setup and manage unlimited Marketing Programs.
  8. Role based functionality to authorized users.
  9. Allow user to create a copy of an existing Marketing Programs.
  10. Create/setup and manage unlimited Events.
  11. Create/setup and manage unlimited Campaigns.
  12. Role based functionality to authorized users.
  13. Allow user to create a copy of an existing Campaigns.
  14. Lead Generation, Lead Profiling and Lead Management.
  15. Manage, organize and track prospects end-to-end using a customer or sales life-cycle i.e. Prospect, Subscriber, Lead, Marketing qualified lead, Sales qualified lead and Customer (after point of sale).
  16. Provide time stamp and embed SLA on Lead processing from prospect to customer.
  17. Classify leads on the basis of Industry / business segment, Location, Product, Lead Source etc..
  18. Monitor budget for Marketing Programs.
  19. Create tasks from created Leads and Events (Allow user to create SLA within the created tasks, Allow user to assign personnel on created tasks)
  20. Respond on leads, Rejecting the Lead and Re-routing the Lead.


▸ Sales Tracking and Management:

  1. Determine the “win-ability” of an opportunity based on its progress along the defined sales stage (probability or percent basis).
  2. Detailed recording of defined product parameters, pricing, solutions and contract terms across the different sales stages. Data captured from related activities is recorded for historical reporting and analytic.

▸ Ticketing System:

  1. Create and monitor activities and tasks to accounts and sub-accounts (Integrate the task monitoring process to ticketing system).
  2. Logging of activities and resolution
  3. Facility for the tracking and monitoring of open, closed, overdue and pending activities. Allows detailed logging of tasks.
  4. Sending of email notification to dispatched personnel regarding activities for both preventive and unscheduled maintenance.
  5. Facility for engineers and relationship managers to view real time progress and status of logged incidents.

▸ Reporting and Analytics Features:

  1. Create and customize a distribution list of acquired leads.
  2. Monitor expenses for campaigns, events and marketing programs.
  3. Flagging option for High Priority Account, High Priority Contracts, High Priority Leads and High Priority tasks.

▸ System setup to manage the followings:

  1. Mail Notifications and Alerts Setup.
  2. Access Roles.
  3. Leads, Campaigns and Marketing Program Setup.
  4. Opportunities Setup.
  5. Sales Setup.
  6. Account Management Setup.
  7. Reports, charts and Dashboard Setup.
  8. Commentary section area (similar to Discuss).