Remote Service is an evolving methodology in practising Managed Services.

We offer remote services in InfoVista Services and Application Development. This is a step wisely taken considering how speedily technologies in hardware and software evolve and the relevant high costs of constant upgradation of manpower skills and hardware resources.

Powered by youthful and talented resources in our state of art facilities at Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai, we can help you manage operations, development, administration from remote locations.

Remote Services are beneficial in the sense that No capex investment, 25% savings on opex , 24/7 monitoring and managing client’s application etc.

Operation Support System (OSS)


  1. Setting up Server and mounting.
  2. Installing OS and server hardening.
  3. Consolidation of Servers by using more efficient technologies like Virtualization, Storage Virtualization, Blade Servers etc. commonly called as SDDC.
  4. We also implement Backup and Storage as in today’s world it is important to keep backup of critical applications to preserve the data by using different backup Solutions (Legato Networker and Storages).

Network Performance Management

We understand how important it is to monitor the network and its performance on real time basis. We implement (and also Customize) Cost Effective Solutions to monitor the network performance and predict the network capacity for the network infrastructure.

We implement InfoVista, MRTG, PRTG, Net-XMS, Solar Winds depending up on the need and requirement of the Network.

Infovista Services

InfoVista is the leading global platform of choice for network performance management(NPM). Our expertise in InfoVista is proven with unprecedented flexible solutions, exceptional timely delivery and high customer satisfaction with clientele ranging from Airtel, Vodafone, COLT, Singtel Optus etc.

InfoVista scope of services include:

    1. Customization :- We understand that the earlier developed existing solutions may not fulfill your needs in present scenario and thus we offer customization of existing solutions to cater to your existing needs.
    2. Development :- Our expertise in InfoVista empowers you to get solutions developed for otherwise complex requirements. Ranging from KPI development to library to complete solution development, we build flexible solutions that benefit the customer in real business sense.
    3. Upgrade & Migration :-Are you running on an older version or are you running on an outdated/out of life platform, we can assist you to seamlessly switch to a latest version or a updated platform.
    4. Performance Audits and Tuning :- All deployments once done need to be maintained wisely to extract optimal performance out of the solution. With due course of time, the operations worn out and thus degrading the performance of solution. We can audit your systems, solutions and reports and advise the necessary. Based upon the audit results, we can also fine tune the complete solution for optimal performance.
    5. New Device Type Integration :- The nature of today’s network is quite dynamic with introduction of new models and types of devices being introduced into the network. We can assist you with the integration of these devices into your existing platform.
    6. Custom Report Development :- Reports are most critical in terms of analyzing data. We understand the customer’s reports requirement and build flexible reporting solutions to meet the needs.

IT Service Management


  1. Network Adaptor Development :- We understand that in the mobile side of network, a lot of data comes from various OSS platforms like U2K, Alcatel SAM etc and is monitored on different NMS. We have expertise in developing Adaptors for integrating and reporting all your data to a common platform and use a common reporting across.
  2. PERL Development :- Our extreme expertise in PERL allows us to develop various network based application depending upon the customer’s requirements. The pace at which we develop application using perl gives us an edge and the customer a high level of satisfaction while we delivering the final product.